Together in hope

To empower young people living with cancer to have access to approproate education, training and employment opportunities; with equal life choices to improve their financial stability, maintain a good quality of life and a positive future.

Our Story

Inspired by our Son Rhodri, whose life was interrupted by cancer for five years. Rhodri sadly lost his battle at the age of 24. His brief life can be summarized as a vessel of love, courage and hope.

Even though death has stolen him from us, his legacy of hope has given us a new chapter in the form of Rhodri’s Hope Cancer Foundation. RHCF is dedicated to providing short/long term person-centered and timely engagement and support for young adults (ages 18-30) affected by cancer, living in Croydon and surrounding areas.

Together we can make a difference

Rhodri’s Hope Cancer Foundation brings adifferent focus by highlighting and addressing the impact of cancer on education, employmentand the extra financial burden young people and their families face during and after cancer treatment. Inclusive support is offered to family members.( Parents/Carers & Siblings).

What we do

We offer information, advice and support to achieve personal goals in Education, Training, Employment and Financial Assistance.

Education & Training

We work together with educational institutions to ensure that relevant support is available for young people with cancer to make informed choices in selecting suitable route to achieve academic or vocational education that will optimize their future career prospect.

We work together with educational institutions to ensure adequate support is provided to maintain and complete educational goals.


We undertake employability assessments to identify areas of need and together we draw up a plan to meet those needs. We partner with our local business community to help find suitable employment.

Together we create a diverse range of small enterprises that provide opportunities for work experience, paid employment and entrepreneurship.

Financial Assistance

We ease the additional financial burden by offering financial grants. These grants make a positive difference to the financial stability as well as physical and mental health of young adults battling cancer.

Grants are provided to help assist with transport costs, dietary needs/hospital meals and bereavement costs, subject to availability of funds.

Pastoral Care

Cancer support group underpinned by Christian ethos, to provide a listening ear and understanding heart in a safe and confidential environment. Dedicated prayer line.

Did You Know?

Statistics have shown that:

Cancer diagnosis is gradually increasing among young adults.

Approximately 1 in 7 young adults are diagnosed with cancer each day
in the UK.

Cancer at any age has
long-term effects

For young adults these caN be extremely hard with long term impacts. Many will face:

Physical, emotional and
mental health issues

Disruption to education
and employment.

Loss of social life
and relationships

Reduced quality of life

Increased financial expenses

Instability and uncertainty for
the future

Possible financial hardship
and debt

Loss of earnings